A Local Favorite For Vietnamese Food


Spring Rolls
shrimp, pork, lettuce, daikon, carrots

Shrimp Rolls (Summer Rolls)
shrimp, vermicelli, mint, peanut chili sauce

House Salad
papaya salad, choose: shrimp, chicken, or pork

Vietnamese Crispy Calamari
sweet chili sauce

shrimp, pork, garlic chives, mushrooms


Served with a soup or salad

Clay Pot Ginger Chicken
mushrooms, snow peas

Clay Pot Red Curry Fish
vietnamese style fish, snow peas

Spicy Green Curry Chicken
eggplant, jalapeños, thai basil

Vietnamese Beef Stew
tomato, daikon, carrots

Yellow Curry Chicken
mild yellow curry, potato, carrots


Comes with daikon, carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, and soy sauce. Add a fried egg to any sandwich.
Choose your spiciness: None, Mild (sriracha), Medium (sriracha and jalapeños), or Spicy (sriracha, jalapeños, and Thai chilis)

Banh Mi (Classic)
pork pate, cold cut pork, bbq pork

Banh Mi Ga
roasted shredded chicken

Crispy Sunfish
fried fish filets, honey mustard aioli

Banh Mi Bo
tender beef slices

choose: soy protein or tofu

Noodle Soups

Pho Beef
sliced beef, rice noodle, oxtail broth

Pho Chicken
shredded chicken, rice noodle, oxtail broth

Pho Veggie
vegan broth, choose: soy protein or tofu

Curry Chicken Rice Noodles
mild yellow curry, vermicelli

Beef Stew Egg Noodles
beef stew, daikon, carrots, oxtail broth

Vermicelli Noodles

Includes lettuce, cucumber, daikon, carrots, beansprouts, mint, scallions, lime fish sauce, fried onions, and peanuts

Vermicelli Beef
tender beef slices

Vermicelli Chicken
roasted shredded chicken

Vermicelli Fish
red curry sunfish

Vermicelli Spring Rolls
spring rolls

Vermicelli Veggie
soy lime sauce, choose: soy protein or tofu


Bowl of Rice

Bowl of Noodles


Beef Soup

Soy Protein (Imitation Chicken)



Vietnamese Iced Coffee
condensed milk

Mash, Natural Fruit Essense
lime ginger, mango orange, grapefruit, pomegranate blueberry

Hot Coffee or Tea

Soda Can
coke, sprite, ginger ale, sparkling

Boylan Soda Pop
ginger ale, root beer, orange, crème, black cherry, grape, diet cola

Bottle of Water